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Checking My List

The season lies about us and remaining on my list are those closest to me. The dear and most cherished, the remarkable cogs that turn what we have into gold at the LEAD Agency, our volunteers and the amazing board who knows what we've been thinking. I am hoping they and you all have peace, warmth and joy.

You will still probably receive phone calls, knocks on your door and short bouts of appeals as we end the year with our outlandish hope for the future for this corner of the state which has endured in spite of the risks and held strong throughout.

Find patience and join in the belief we have that we can open the flood gates that hold in what flood us. You deserve peace of mind and our band of brothers and each of you who have signed those postcards and filled in our Flood Survey have moved us closer to being heard by the only federal agency with power to protect you and your homes and property.

We and you will be working next on our list of resolutions, but am giving you a hint that high on that list is my resolution to do everything I can to save this town and I believe you will go to sleep better each night if this makes it on yours, too.

Respectfully Submitted ~ Rebecca Jim

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