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Bailey Stephenson

Education & Engagement

Moriah Bailey (Bailey) grew up in central Oklahoma where she observed and was personally affected by the overwhelming presence of the oil and gas industry. Driven by the disparity that she witnessed and a commitment to realizing more equitable environmental futures for all living beings, Bailey completed graduate coursework in environmental anthropology, history, and qualitative research methods at the University of Arizona. During her time in graduate school, Bailey volunteered as an environmental educator with Tucson Wildlife Center, served as Communications Coordinator for the Save our Wild Salmon coalition, and participated in numerous research projects related to environmental justice. Alongside her environmental justice work, Bailey has training in music education, and she loves working with young people to learn about and explore environmental activism and connections to place through music, the arts, oral history, outdoor exploration, and storytelling. Bailey is inspired by ecological connections and peoples’ stories, and she is passionate about amplifying the importance of L.E.A.D.’s work for realizing more caring environmental relationships and more equitable environmental futures.

Bailey Stephenson


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