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WHO Published Guidelines on
Damp and Moldy Buildings

Copenhagen and Bonn, 16 July 2009
Notice received from
Ralph Scott, Community Projects Director, Alliance for Healthy Homes

On July 16, the World Health Organization published its first guidelines on indoor air quality guidelines on dampness and mold (or, as they say,

WHO conducted a two-year review of the currently available science and conclude that occupants of damp or moldy buildings have up to a 75% greater risk of respiratory symptoms and asthma. 

The guidelines recommend prevention or remediation of dampness- and mold-related problems to significantly reduce harm to health.

More info and links to the guidelines and other materials here.

Related link: WHO's Damp and Mould: Health risks, prevention and remedial actions (pdf, 137 KB) Brochure for the Public






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Making a Difference
Making a Difference at the
Tar Creek Superfund Site:
Community Efforts to Reduce
is a book that we hope
will inspire other communities
facing environmental injustices.
It comes with a DVD featuring
a new film Progress at Tar
and two films of youth
efforts through service learning.
The first printing was made
possible through a grant from
the National Institutes of
Environmental Health Sciences.
Thank you for sharing our vision
to make a difference. There is
still more to be done.  LEAD
Agency will accept donations to
reproduce additonal copies and
to allow for postage.

LEAD Agency, Inc.
19257 South 4403 Drive
\Vinita, OK 74301

Need more information on mold? Visit these sites for helpful information:

Alliance for Healthy Homes MOLD information here

IOM Report: Prevention and Remediation Strategies for the Control and Removal of Fungal Growth (Overview of how to remove mold (remediation), clean it up, and prevent its return information here

Get Rid of Mold poster/fact sheet* here

US EPA Mold and Moisture information here, and more specifically at the EPA site:

"A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home"here and which is also available as a download:

A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home available as PDF download* here

*Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader-a free program available for download from here








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Information posted: December, 2009
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